God has opened a new door through the Riverfriend Project !!!


In coordination with my joint outreach ministry partner Miriam in Africa,        

it gives us both great joy and pleasure in announcing a new program for

God's precious little ones in outreach fellowship from afar This new idea

came from out of our Riverfriend Project Pen Pal Program.......

Naomi from Burundi Africa and Grace from Maine U.S.A.
have teamed up

together in a joint seedling planting program for friendships & fellowship for

the women and children to give aid in planting crops there in Africa for life

sustaining food provision for future generations to come !....Pictures of the

first seeds planted and more information as the project gets underway !.....

Special thanks to Linda of Topsham Maine U.S.A for the 1st financial

donation to launch and sponsor the first seeds of hope in Christ and food for

future harvests !.....

                  *** UPDATE ANNOUNCEMENT ***



It is by God's hand of provision that my ministry partner Miriam and I have

the honor and privilege with great joy in our hearts & Spirit to witness to you

God's Promise our good works in His name and power will bear fruit in due

season if we do not lose heart !!!...These pictures below of the Grace

Seedling Project
seeds were grown in good soil and have burst through the

earth giving praise to God for the miracle of seed to feed His people !....At

this time of rejoicing God has put His hand of blessing upon this project,

Miriam and I would like to give a very special  thank you to MAPENZI our new

ministry partner in the field
nurturing those first seed donations into growing

food plants of much value by the work of his hands and sharing this picture

with us of God's goodness !!!

We truly know his efforts of labor will benefit the the community and little

ones for generations to come !....

continues to grow and prosper by God's hand

of provision with the blessing of The Grace Seedling Project...The miracle

of the first planted seeds, reaching up to Heaven blessed by the sun, turned

into seedling plants....God's food provision !

Good News report from the Lord through our brother in Christ and outreach

ministry partner Mapenzi !...God bless you my friend !

                                   VIEW THE PICTURES BELOW
And be a witness to God's hand of favor and blessing upon the Grace

Seedling's Project's
growth and prosperity after less than a year from it's

humble beginnings to what God has done with it below!...

                                                         Amazing !

       A good Report from the Lord !....7-30-15...More crops in the field !

..Here's Miriam, Mapenzi, his father and a worker harvesting the crops

in the field !...God's hand of food provision by the work of their hands!

Miriam distributing The Grace Seedling Project harvested crops into the local

community !

Miriam and
Michou ( left of Miriam ) our new youth volunteer ministry partner

Mapenzi helping deliver the harvested food crops into the community !

The women and children in the community receiving a food blessing of the

Grace Seedling Project
harvested crop !...God is good !

..( Pics below ) More Good News Report from the Lord...Progress !....

The Grace Seedling Project is making an impact and difference in the lives of

the women, children and their communities !...Oh see that the Lord is good !

Here is Michou and Mapenzi planning their agricultural strategy for the next

planting !

Miriam and I are so thankful to the Lord for sending you to Mapenzi

to be our ministry partner in the Grace Seedling Project ...God bless your

young big caring heart to be a blessing and help to those in need in the

community....God sees your volunteering good works and He is well pleased

with you and your reward will be great !...2 Corinthians 9:7

The hard working women of the community doing their part in the labor task

to feed their themselves, their neighbors, families and little ones....

Miriam and Mapenzi joining in the harvest of God's fruitful abundance !

.....The harvest is plentiful and so are the laborers !...Praise God for

The Grace Seedling Project's fruitful production upon the field by the hand of

God and the dedicated women of workers God has assigned to tend the soil,

plant the seed and harvest the crops !....

....Well now...Just what kind of crops are you growing there?....Look !

Green Corn, Peanuts and Sweet potato !....HARVEST TIME !!!

...Mapenzi leading the farming safari...lol

Oh the beauty of God's creation out there in Africa !...lol

10-22-15...Miriam meets with The Grace Seedling Project women in their

community to discuss the group's project planning and needs...

Miriam and the women group volunteers below help to distribute food

provision needs to the Grace Seedling Project women before the meeting...

10-15-2016....Miriam and our outreach ministry partners Michou and Mapenzi

meet with The Grace Seedling Project women to discuss farming methods...

                                       *** UPDATE ***

             Miriam' Grace Seedling Project Burundi report...12-6-16

Back from the field and rested...The rains have stopped here now and

I was not so muddy out there this time out... I met Michou and with one other

woman and went to the field...Sharing recent pics of today's visit to the farm

with Michou and one of the community women who joined us...They begin

farming tomorrow with the help of two men...They are very poor families...

We’re praying the planting will go well and the harvest will produce much to

fill all their food provisions for their labor...I’ll keep you updated....Miriam

Going out into the planting field...


Miriam inspecting the field's readiness progress for planting !

Everything is looking good !

Returning from the field for fellowship and prayer time...

Miriam spending some time in visiting fellowship...

Miriam with friend Orinella in the community...

         March 11, 2019  The Grace Seedling Project Report

My joint outreach ministry partner Miriam recently visited one of our Grace

Seedling Project farm sites...We’re thankful to the Lord for the corn crop and

harvest in the pictures below....Miriam and I are grateful to our ministry

partner Linda for her continuous financial support for this important

agricultural ministry food provision serving the community...We’d also like to

acknowledge our ministry partner Anthony, our hands in the dirt farmer who

tills the soil, plants the seed and cares for the crops...All those involved in

the community helping hands in the GSP benefit from the harvest and reap

the goodness of God in providing for their families...Praise God for the

abundant sunshine and adequate rain for the crops...From Deuteronomy

11:14 Then I will give you the rain for your land in its season, the early rain

and the latter rain, that you may gather in your grain, your new wine, and

your oil...

Miriam literally in the mission field !...lol

The corn crop basking in the sunlight...Genesis 1:11,12

Praising God for the harvest !...Genesis 8:22

              Grace Seedling Project Pics & Report...5-2-19

My joint outreach ministry partner Miriam has returned from the mission field

with this report below and the following pictures on a recent visit to one of

our GSP farms at harvest time...


First round in the mission field completed...The corn has been harvested and

now it's time to plant again...A Pastor from Loitoktok is to come for the corn

harvest to donate from the GSP to the needy and a children’s home in the

local community...The bean seeds finances are already set in place for the

next planting soon...We thank God for the rain and the harvest...

Miriam and I are grateful to the Lord for His hand of favor and blessing upon

our Grace Seedling Project's prosperity and growth...

Special thanks to: Linda from Maine U.S.A for her continued financial support

from the beginning in helping us to achieve the level of success the GSP has


See the pics below to see what God has done in His provision !

                                        At the mission field farm

    The corn has been harvested to be distributed into the community...

The harvested corn stored and ready for pickup and delivery into the local


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