From my joint outreach ministry partner Miriam:

The Wezesha Women’s Project
are group of dedicated women impacted by

Christian Life Ministries having been transformed by the Gospel, filling both

their Spiritual and physical needs, by lifting up their own personal economic

status through their small businesses in the labor of their own hands through

fellowship...It is from the action of these needy women’s self motivated effort,

in being determined to better their own lives that the

Wezesha Outreach Club
was born
...The women's group goal was to better

position themselves for their main focus: To reach out to all of the
children of

the community ranging from ages 9-14 in transforming their lives also

through the sharing of the Gospel, teaching English classes, encouraging

skills and talent development and improving overall health care...

Wezesha Outreach Club is having a multiple positive effect impact not

only on the quality of their own lives, but a better way of life and hope for the

future of their own children and the community as a whole...

          *** Introducing the women of The Wezesha Women’s Project ! ***

Pictured Below:

Children from
The Wezesha Outreach Club enjoying their meal sponsored by this

ministry funded through The Wezesha Women's Project and h
osted by my joint

outreach ministry partner Miriam... Activities for the day begin with the sharing of

the Gospel, including time in fellowship, fun and games !...

Miriam sharing the Gospel with the Wezesha Outreach Club children !
Miriam joining in on the little one's fun...lol
Play time fun fellowship time is good for the body and the Spirit !
Fellowship is then complete when you add a little music and song !

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